E5 Oberstdorf - Meran

E5 Oberstdorf - Meran

7 days
This september I hiked the E5 from Oberstdorf to Meran. 94,5 km, 5000+ meters of altitude through the Alps. What an amazing 6 days it has been. Just me and my backpack hiking through the Alps.

The E5 hiking route is a very famous hiking route among hikers. The E5 route starts in Oberstdorf, in the south of Germany. From Germany the hiking route takes you all the way throught the Alps of Austria towards Meran, Italy. 

Hiking across the alps over the E5 Alpenüberquerung consists out of 6 stages. Depending on you condition you can hike a single stage every day. The total tour took me 7 days to complete. A good way to hike the E5 is to hike hut to hut. This way every stage ends at a mountain hut where you can stay the night. From there you can start the next stage of the tour, the next morning. During the hike I met several people who hiked the E5 in 6 days. Hiking solo is a great way to make new friends. During these 7 days I made a lot of new friends.

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This hike consitst out of mulitple stages.