Im hiking the E5 route through the Alps

Written by  Jens  on 23-07-2020
Im hiking the E5 route through the Alps

Im hiking the E5 route through the Alps

This september I am hiking the E5 route through the Alps. I am planning to hike the E5 hiking route from Obersdorf Germany to Meran Italy. When you hike the E5 route, you cross the Alps from the south of Germany, through Austria all the way into Italy. 

How I found out about the E5 hiking route

So last february I was browsing Youtube when I suddenly found a video of Maurits Hiking Cam. Maurits hiked the E5 route and I was hooked. From that moment on I knew I wanted to do the same.


This is the first time I’m doing a hiking trip of multiple days. I did my fair share of hiking in the past but I never hiked a route this long. Most of the times I would go for a hike, return to my apartment and go for another hike the next day. This time the hike takes 6 to 13 days and every night you sleep at a different location. 

Currently I am in the middle of the preparations. I believe it is very important to prepare for a hike like this. Before I am heading to Obersdorf I’m going to make sure I am in good shape.

Hiking the Alps again.

The Alps aren’t new territory for me, the last couple of years I visited them quite often. I visit Serfaus Fiss Ladis every year for a winter holiday. Next to winter hiking I also visited Saalbach Hinterglemm, Zell am See, and Kaprun.

The 6 stages of the E5 route

The E5 route consists out of 6 different stages. The idea is to hike a single stage everyday. It’s possible to split up a single stage in multiple days so you can hike a little bit slower Since some stages are harder then others. 

Stage 1 | Oberstdorf - Kemptner Hütte

 The first stage is a tough one. The hike starts in Obersdorf and from there it’s a 8 kilometer hike before the real climbing starts. The entire length of the hike is 14,6 kilometers and during that hike we climb 1040 meters. Our hike ends at the Kemptner Hütte at a height of 1840 meters. 

Stage 2 part 1 | Kemptner Hütte - Holzgau

 The second stage of the E5 route starts at the Kemptner Hütte. During the hike we cross the border with Austria. Once we cross the Austrian border we descent towards Holzgau. This should take approximately 3 hours. Once we reach Holzgau, we take shuttle bus or taxi towards Bach or Berggasthaus Hermine. 

Stage 2 part 1 | Berggasthaus Hermine - Memminger Hütte

 This hike is marked as hard on Komoot. The hike has a length of 6,83 kilometers. During these 6,83 kilometers we climb 940 meters. The hike should take us about 3,5 hours. In total the second stage of the E5 route should take us about 6,5 hours of hiking. The hike ends at the Memminger Hütte. 

Stage 3 | Memminger Hütte - Venetseilbahn Zams

 I’ve seen a lot of warnings about this stage. The third stage of the E5 hike is extremely difficult and this is something I take very seriously. The hike has a length of 15 kilometers, which is quite a lot when hiking in the Alps. Komoot shows the following warning: Heavy hike, very good condition required, alpine experience required. 
During the hike we cross a mountain lake called Seescharte. This part of the hike is only for experienced hikers. We end our day at the Venetseilbahn parking spot. 

Stage 4 part 1 | Zamser Hütte - Wenns

 Part 1 of the fourth stage has a length of 12,4 kilometers and takes us from the Zamser Hütte towards Wenns. Once we reach Wenns we take the shuttle or taxi towards Mittleberg. 

Stage 4 part 2 | Mittelberg - Braunschweiger

 The second part of the fourth stage of the E5 route starts at Mittelberg. This part is again quite tough. The stage has a length of 5,36 kilometers and during these 5 kilometers we climb 1000 meters !! 
During our climb towards the Braunschweiger Hütte we pass the Jägersteig. We finish our day at a height of 2733 meters. 

Stage 5 part 1 | Braunschweiger Hütte - Gasthof Rettenbachgletscher

 Our day starts at the Braunschweiger Hütte. During the first part of the stage we climb 230 meters and descent 320 meters. After 1,5 kilometers we reach the Karleskogel which I have seen, has an amazing view. After 3,72 km we reach Gasthof Rettenbachgletscher, the end of part one of the fifth stage of the E5 route. 

Stage 5 part 2 | Parkplatz Tiefenbachferner - Martin-Busch-Hütte

 Part 2 of stage 5 looks like a heavy part. The hike can be done in 6 hours but a lot of people take 2 or 3 days to complete this hike. 
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