Finding local hiking trails

Written by  Jens  on 01-07-2020
Finding local hiking trails
Finding local hiking trails near your house can be a challenge. You don’t want to waste your time on a hiking trail that isn’t that much fun. Luckily there are tons of solutions to find open hiking trails near your house. 

How do I find new hiking trails near my house?

I use a couple of different approaches when it comes to finding local hiking trails. I live on the Veluwe in The Netherlands. The Veluwe has a lot of cool trails, long ones and shorter ones. I recently hiked in "De Dellen" from ’t Harde to Heerde. I highly recommend that trail if you live near me. The coming months I will be adding a lot of new hiking trails so be sure to check out the hikes section on a regular basis. 

Use an app like Komoot or Alltrails

These days there are a lot of cool free hiking apps available that have a huge database full of cool hiking trails. Hiking apps like Komoot or Alltrails allow users to write reviews about the trails they hiked so other users can benefit from this. The apps also function as an archive where you keep track of all the hikes you did.

Create your own hiking trail
Another really cool feature is the navigation option that both Komoot and Alltrails have. With this navigation option you can set a destination and the app will create a new route for you. The route will look for hiking trails nearby and combine them into a completely new hiking trail. I use the navigation option a lot in both apps. 

Visit a tourist information center

Local tourist information offices often provide information about local hiking trails. Most of the times you can get a free map with all the hiking trails off that specific region. A lot of these hikes are free, you just need to know where they are.

Just hike a random trail

One of the best ways to discover new hiking trails nearby is to just go out for a hike. Head out to a forest located nearby and follow a random hiking trail. Use your instincts and see where you end up. A lot of times you will discover places in your local area that you did not know about. 

I find it exiting to just follow a random path into a forest. Just make sure to be alert and turn around when you feel you get tired.

Follow me when hiking

Currently I am using a couple of different hiking apps. Each of these hiking apps have their own pros and cons. 

Feel free to follow me if you are using one of these apps as well.
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